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Safe Pall-Online Payment Systems is a modern system for online payment (Online Payment) for selling products and services on Net Architecture - Deutschland and its associates.

Safe Pall-Online Payment Systems is made according to the latest technologies for secure online payments and protection of personal data, created for the company Net Architecture - Deutschland, IdNr. 78120374598

Net Architecture - Deutschland is a company that develops online businesses, including a project for safe online payment Safe Pall-Online Payment Systems.

The mission of Safe Pall-Online Payment Systems;

Safe Pall-Online Payment Systems;

  • Guarantee 100% security for online payment through payment cards, debit or credit cards from anywhere in the world.
  • 100% protection of your data

With Safe Pall-Online Payment Systems your money and your payment cards data are 100% protected from any abuse because;

  • Safe Pall-Online Payment Systems is using the services of "STRIPE", a multinational company that is a world leader in online payments, which has built one of the best internet infrastructure for online payment.
  • Guarantee of the security for the data on your debit and credit cards is the company "STRIPE", through which are made annual payments in the amount of tens of billions of euros.
  • The system for online payment through debit or credit cards on "STRIPE" is integrated on the Safe Pall-Online Payment Systems. This means that when you enter data on your debit or credit payment card, you at that moment are on the system of "STRIPE", with which Safe Pall has established a cooperation.
  • After you successfully pay, within ten seconds you will receive a notification on your e-mail address, that you have entered during the announcement of payment.
  • Also, on your user account on Safe Pall-Online Payment Systems, that you previously have created (or your user account will be automatically generated during the first payment), you can see the data of your payment: time of payment, amount, invoice.
  • The infrastructure of the Safe Pall-Online Payment Systems is set on a server in Germany, that integrates the latest security certification for data protection.

The protection of your personal data

  • The protection of your personal data is our primary concern, in which we are bound by the regulations of the Federal Republic of Germany and the EU regulations.
  • We guarantee that your personal data are fully protected from any unauthorized access and abuse. Our database on the website, with all its data, is stored on a server in Germany. This means that the protection of your data is regulated and under the laws of Germany and the EU regulations, that are related with the protection of personal data.
  • Any future change to the rules on protection of personal data will be published 30 days before becoming active, right here, to kept you fully informed.

For any problems or slightest dilemmas, you can contact us on:
Tel: 00 389 76 346 702

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