Terms of use

Who and how can use the services;
User of the services of safepall.de can be any physical person with working capacity and any legal person from Republic of Macedonia or any country in the world.

Each user is obliged;

  • To create only one user account and to enter correct information.
  • Can enter data for another person, if he has permission and is authorized for that.
  • By accepting the <b> Terms of Service </ b> for the services of safepall.de, each user declares that he agrees with them.
  • Safepall.de do not collect and use personal information from minors.

Legal certainty for the users of safepall.de

  • The protection of your personal data is our main concern in accordance with legal regulations of the Federal Republic of Germany and the regulations of EU and Republic of Macedonia;
  • Your personal data is completely protected from any unauthorized access and abuse.
  • The base on the website with all its data is set on a server in Germany. This means that the protection of your data is regulated according the laws of Germany and the EU regulations, that are related to the protection of personal data;
  • Any user who is registered has access to all content and can be a beneficiary of all services from safepall.de;
  • Any future change to the rules of protection of personal data will be published 30 days before becoming active, right here, to kept you fully informed.
  • Each user is personally responsible for the authenticity of the data, that are entered during the creation of the user account on safepall.de;
  • If safepall.de determine or suspects that the entered data from some user are incorrect, then safepall.de reserves the right to cancel the user account, without prior notification to its owner or if it thinks that is necessary- will notify the owner of the user account with incorrect data, to ask him to enter correct data if it wants to be a beneficiary of safepall.de
  • The user is responsible for the security of the username and password from his account.
  • In case, if a third party has unauthorized access to the user account or there are doubts about it, then the owner should immediately informed us of the enclosed contacts;
  • The user always has the possibility to modify some of the data from the user account or permanently to delete it with the personal data.
  • Once you stop using our services, your personal data will be permanently deleted from our system;


  • The content of Safepall.de, including graphics, logos, photographs, audio and video content are in the property of safepall.de and protected by copyright.

Protecting the intellectual rights of the users

  • Safepall.de respects the personal rights of the users and their intellectual property. When the users will notice that their rights are violated by a third entity, it is necessary to inform us via e-mail or phone


  • The website does not use cookies

For further questions concerning the protection of personal data, or if you need any help please contact by the following contacts;
Tel: 00 389 76 346 702

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